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Maharishi Ideal India Campaign

Every citizen of India, irrespective of age, cast, sex, faith or belief, religion, family background, economic status, profession, city or village is most welcome to participate in Maharishi Ideal India Campaign and contribute little of our time & energy towards making our India Ideal, Enlightened, Invincible and Heavenly India.

LAUNCHING Maharishi Ideal India Campaign

Knowing all fields of life, knowing all fields of knowledge from Maharishi Ji, having rich Vedic literature available for reference, having repeated scientific confirmation of Vedic principles in theory and practice, realising our responsibility towards our fellow citizens of India, our dear world family and for the bright future of our coming generations, we have decided to launch Maharishi Ideal India Programme as a big country wide Campaign on 11th January 2015, in an auspicious muhurta, just a day before 'Age of Enlightenment Day'-12th January, the day of Maharishi Ji's pious descend on the Land of the Vedas-India at Maharishi Global Capital of World Peace-Brahmsthan of India. On 12th January we will offer this Campaign to Maharishi Ji as a Gift and our Gratitude.